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We provide Corporate Responsibility solutions – ESG / GRC (Environmental, Social Responsibility and Governance / Governance Risk and Compliance).

Experts in diagnozing and identifying the best worldwide ESG / GRC technologies and solutions for your particular needs.

We work to enhance management and transparency of your main corporate responsibility indicators (ESG/GRC) so that your stakeholders, and investors have confidence on your governance management model, without losing the agility and autonomy needed to make the most effective management of your business.

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Our solutions

ESG Legacy

Corporate Responsibility


Identification of environmental actions (based on
SASB and GRI, Global Compact Task Force for Climate
Change (TCFD) and on SDG (Sustainable
Development Goals – UN)
Governance model of environmental indicators

Gestão de Risco


Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives
Automated management model of social indicators
Eligibility criteria for suppliers and partners
Due Diligence and 3rd Parties’ Background Checks (Integrity and ESG)
Data analytics platform for supply chain onboarding and payment monitoring



Modeling /Governance of the ESG Project
ESG area organization chart
ESG Policies
Implementacao de Programas Integridade/Proteção de Dados Smart tools and Platforms
ESG Project Business Case presentation to potential investors
Sustainability Governance
Measurement of Positive Impact(ESG)


CEO and Founder

+20 years of leadership in the legal, governance, risk management and compliance areas.
She served as Legal Vice President and Compliance Officer for Latin America at multinational companies, worldwide leaders in their segments (aviation, telecommunications, technology, industrial automation, energy). Experience with the public and private sectors. 17 years of experience in business in the United States, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, Russia and Africa.

Recognized for its experience and qualification in the implementation of legal departments and risk management and compliance programs, in all its aspects.
An enthusiast of emerging technologies and the way they impact and create new business models. She has worked on several automation and intelligent digitalization processes for GRC programs.

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An activist in governance and anti-corruption initiatives, she is a member of several committees and a regular speaker on topics related to GRC / ESG in Brazil and abroad.

Graduated in Law from PUC-RS University, Post-graduated in Contract Law from PUC-SP University with specialization in Business Administration and Negotiation from Harvard University and certified CCPE-I – Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional International by SCCE (Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics). Certified Leading Sustainable Corporations Programme by University of Oxford/England (2021). Certified in Sustainable Capitalism & ESG University of Berkeley/Califórnia (2021).

Legal director of FIESP – Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo.

Elected as one of the 20 most admired compliance professionals in Brazil by Compliance On Top 2018.

Author of book and articles related to governance, risk management, compliance and diversity.

Languages: Portuguese | English Spanish
E-mail: Roberta Pegas
Linkedin: Roberta Pegas

Roberta Pegas
Senior Advisor
+20 years of leadership in the areas of legal, compliance, risk management and competition law. Marcia Cecilia has worked at prominent law firms in Brazil and has worked internationally (United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia) for Brazilian and multinational companies. She was Chief Compliance Officer for a leading company in the public concession management segment and acquired extensive experience in the infrastructure sector.

Recognized for her experience and expertise in diagnosing, preparing, and implementing all aspects related to risk management and compliance programs, including specific training programs for corporate and Board of Directors. Maria Cecilia actively participates in third sector projects and agendas that seek to bring integrity, ethics, and transparency into the business environment, having participated in several affirmative actions in this regard.

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She is a member of several commissions in the above sectors and has taught at major universities in the country on topics related to Compliance, Competition, GRC/ESG.

Maria Cecilia graduated in Law at Universidade Católica de Salvador/UCSAL, and has a Masters degree in Business Law from the Coimbra University Law School, Portugal. She has a graduate degree in Law applied to Economics and Business from Getulio Vargas Business School – FGV/SP, completed a specialization program on Environmental, Social, Governance and Data Protection Compliance at the Pontifical Catholic University’s Law Institute, Rio de Janeiro, a program on ESG at the KPMG Business School and also has a graduate degree in Sustainable Capitalism & ESG graduate program at The University of California at Berkeley.

External Advisor to the FGV – Ethics – Centro de Estudos em Ética, Transparência, Integridade e Compliance at Getúlio Vargas Foundation business school. Member of the São Paulo chapter of the Brazilian Bar Association’s Commission for Studies on Compliance and Competition.

Appointed coordinator of the IBRAC Compliance Commission.

Elected as one of the most globally admired professionals in the fields of compliance and competition by the Global Competition Review in 2020.

Author of a book and papers on the topics of compliance, competition, and international commerce.

E-mail: Maria Cecilia Andrade
Linkedin: Maria Cecilia Andrade

Maria Cecilia Andrade
Address: Calçada dos Antares, 171, 2º andar, sala 4 Alphaville Centro de Apoio II, CEP 06541-065 – Santana de Parnaíba – SP
Phones: (11) 99188-4686 | (11) 4152-4051
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